Q370R steel plate, Q370R steel plate pressure vessel steel sheet

Jul - 13 - 2020

Q370R steel plate is a commonly used brand of container plate in China. It is a domestic brand only after the release of GB713-2008 standard.

Q370R steel plate is used to manufacture pressure vessel steel for petrochemical, gas separation and gas storage and transportation equipment. It is required to have enough strength and toughness, good welding performance and cold and hot working performance. The commonly used steels are low alloy high strength steel and carbon steel.

Q370R steel plate executive standard: Q370R implements the domestic standard GB713-2008.

Chemical composition of Q370R steel plate:
C:≤0.18          Si:≤0.55              Mn:1.20∽1.70
Cu:≤0.30        Ni:≤0.30              Cr:≤0.30
Mo:≤0.08        Nb:0.015-0.050         V:≤0.050
P:≤0.020         S:≤0.010

Q370R mechanical properties:
Tensile strength: 520-620
Impact temperature: - 20
Impact strength: 47
Bending test: D = 3A

Delivery status of Q370R steel plate: generally, it is delivered in normalized and controlled rolling condition. PS: the specific delivery status shall be indicated in the contract.

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