15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate 15CrMoR steel sheet application

Jul - 03 - 2020

15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate is a kind of hydrogen resistant steel and hot strength steel widely used in the world. Due to the addition of Cr, Mo and other alloy elements into 15CrMoR steel sheet, the comprehensive properties of 15CrMoR steel sheet are greatly improved.

15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate has good high-temperature oxidation resistance, high-temperature mechanical properties, good toughness, corrosion resistance, process performance and weldability. Therefore, 15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate is widely used to manufacture large-scale equipment with harsh service conditions and complex corrosion medium, such as coal conversion, steam turbine cylinder block, petrochemical industry, nuclear power, thermal power, etc.

15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate is mainly used in petrochemical industry, chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, power station construction.

The 15CrMoR pressure vessel steel plate produced by BBN is used to make reactors, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, separators, because of petrochemical, steam turbine cylinder, heat exchanger, coal conversion thermal power, turbine volute, nuclear power, etc.

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